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Key questions you should ask before booking a dog grooming training course.

  • This should not be collectively but how long each individual has been grooming professionally since qualified. Many schools are using newly qualified groomers to teach !! So make sure you find out.

  • A tutor should hold a minimum of a Level 3 qualification and a teaching qualification. Ideally a higher level of qualification should have been obtained, such as a Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming.

  • The British Dog Groomers Association ( BDGA) British Isles Groomers Association ( BIGA) and The Groomers Spotlight are all organisations which promote the industry and insure certain codes of ethics and qualification levels are met.

  • This is a key part of being a dog groomer, as tools, styles and skills are ever involving. All staff members should be attending industry related events throughout the year.

  • Whilst a salon cannot be expected to have everything brand new, it is important that schools show the variety of tools and equipment available on the market today. Many of which enable you to earn a better commercial living from the job.

  • Grooming involves many different techniques, scissoring, clipping, hand-stripping, handling difficult dogs etc. Without the relevant knowledge you will not be able to successively run a business.

  • On going support both during and after your course is a key factor in insuring success. You should be able to call on your training centre/tutor whenever needed.

  • Whilst this does not always insure quality tutors , it’s does mean the salon should have met minimum safety and quality standards, and there will be official complaints and appeals procedures in place if any issues were to arise. If you train at a centre that is not approved through any governing body, you run the risk of low quality training and not having anyone to complain to if you were unhappy!

  • Many training centres claim to be award winning or use statements about training to qualification standards. Check what the awards were, as you can call yourself award winning when you won a class of one, or placed 3 out of 3. Also there are industry awards which are given to acknowledge achievements , and then competitive grooming awards. Also check they are delivering the qualification you think you are signing up for.  

The Just4Paws team is fully qualified and has won many awards for best groomer & dog grooming school of the year.