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Course Length
4, 8 or 12 days
Course Times
Monday - Thursday

10am - 3pm

Course Fee
4 Days £800 , 8 Days £1550, 12 Days £2300
Just4Paws Advanced Dog Groomer Development Course

Course Details

This course is an in-house certificate for groomers who are already qualified but want to gain further knowledge and understanding of all styling, techniques and tool use.

This course can be used by newly qualified groomers who want to gain extra confidence or those wishing to just advance their understanding of grooming to enhance confirmation and structure, coat preparation or a specific technique you want to develop.

The course can be flexible but we aim to run it like normal salon life, so you will cover something different each day. The course will give you the opportunity to learn from Amy Manser, a groomer with 25 years' experience, a highly successful grooming competitor with 13 BIS awards and multiple other principal awards and accolades, as well as being a Groom Team England member.

What we can cover:

  • Scissor technique
  • Selecting the right tool for the job
  • Balancing a dog's shape to its confirmation
  • Hand-stripping methods
  • Prep and products
  • Head styling
  • Enhancing structure

The course can be tailored as with all our courses, so it is completed on a full or part time basis.

We offer the course on a 4, 8 or 12 day structure.

Ongoing development is extremely important to enable you to progress with your ability and confidence!

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For anyone looking for accommodation nearby during the length of their course, we recommand staying at the The Paddock at Peacock Farm B & B, which offers discounted rates for Just4Paws students.